birds of canada

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Greg of Manitoulin is an artist acquainted with urban spaces. More specifically acquainted with the curved windows, sliding doors, steel tracks, hinged platforms, spoked wheels, and yellow lines associated with navigating urban spaces effectively. On occasion the lines give way to grass, the concrete to rain flooded ditches, and the highways to distant mountains rising on all sides. 

His debut is his best attempt to pay attention to the passing surroundings, to capture their essence while in the midst of courses to pre-set destinations. You can hear his academic experience in spoken-word samples and geometrical beats, giving the listener a sense of the post-secondary bookends of a young adult’s travel life. If you do travel at this age it often begins and ends in a library or a lecture hall. 

The songs exist entirely in the commute from one such urban learning setting to the next, wasting no opportunity to gather new insights along the way.

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