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FINALLY! An album from your favorite Vancouver band you haven’t heard of yet!

These days albums travel almost as much as artists do. This particular well traveled one started in Nova Scotia, flew to France, spent time in Michigan, finally to London- Hey Mother Death’s Highway. Recorded on analog tapes, the album is smokey and soulful, reminiscent of a dimly lit Parisian speakeasy.  It delves into free-jazz territory here and there, but never strays from a central beat to guide the listener through. There are allusions to the cinematic as well, comparable in tone to Egoyan’s Exotica

The must-hear-on vinyl is out in September, the digital release is here brother, reeeeal here:

Hey, I had no idea Colleen Brown released a new EP in February. If you haven’t heard her bold, soulful pop is just the thing for a patch of rainy weather in the summer.

Direction 1: Major Love by Colleen Brown

There’s a couple of fellows from Vancouver named Joel, and they have this band called The Mighty River. Their new album is 4 long-form songs, playing out like a folksy opera of sorts. It’s theatrical in the sense of acclaimed showman C.R. Avery or Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers- a crafting of half sung/half spoken narratives, with non-traditional song structures informed more by the telling of tales.  

Take a spin and find it here:

I’m obliged to post this dude’s album, for obvious reasons:

Son of John by The Roper Show

A new track from Vancouver’s Tough Lovers, titled ‘Mouthful Of Blood”! Which is incidentally what you’ll get if you don’t pay very close attention while biking the seawall. Damn dangerous tourists.

Mouthful of Blood by Tough Lovers

Will Wiesenfeld (aka Baths) sometimes makes chill ambient music as Geotic. Not ambient in the abstract, otherworldly glitchy sense, but rather in the rustic sense of creating in solitude- strumming a guitar with a tea before leaving for work, taking an afternoon off to play the piano, or humming new melodies to oneself on a quiet vacation away from the commitments and constraints of a career in the arts.

Here’s part 1 of Geotic’s next 3 albums, each focusing on a single instrument (guitar, voice, and piano):

Morning Shore (Eon Isle) by Geotic

Michael Rault’s “Living Daylight” takes its cues from just about every underrated, uncharted chapter in popular music history. If your parents loved it, it very likely inspired Rault’s electro-garage reinterpretations of 60’s pop.

Actually I was just thinking of listening to Brian Wilson’s “Smile” again this week, thanks for reminding me.

I’m calling it, Truly is THE summer jam for 2014! Get a jump on the cool kid competition and add it on your cell phone playlists before everyone else does.

Got a bit of the summer new music itch? The latest slew of genre-crossing Shake Records summer releases might help! 

The latest tapes include Vancity motopunks The Vicious Cycles, Edmonton’s all-girl spook-psych-soul group The Lad Mags, and Calgary Synth-wave-punk act Catholic Girls.

Rumor has it you can get 2 tapes for $10, with free shipping over $69.