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Odonis Odonis continue their strong tradition of giving Canadian fans a damn good, engaging, enticing listening experience. This one is not to be missed!

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Here’s a new EP from Kelowna’s Andrew Judah, with selections from a songwriting residency in NYC. Expect a new album from him later this year, and expect it to be a rewarding listening experience, much like the first time you heard Grizzly Bear on the radio.

The Saturday DJ at the Caribbean place I wash dishes at played this gem. It was at 2:15am and I wanted to go home. 

Here’s a fellow by the name of Miggy Hawes, with an EP recorded by Vancouver producer Tyler Johnson (Young Liars, Bear Mountain, Belle Comedians).

The vocals on this one recall Tallest Man on Earth, with the shady poise of Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

And it’s here: What’s Inside by Raccoon Eyes


The next Birds Of Canada compilation will feature The Fraser Valley music scene! For the next few months I’ll be accepting submissions from bands and artists from Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, and their surrounding communities. 

This compilation is open to Fraser Valley artists from any era (new, old, legendary, disbanded, flash-in-the-pan, etc), any genre, and any recording quality. It’s also open to artists who have at any point lived, played shows, or spent a considerable amount of time in the area. 

Additionally a free O’Neill goes to any person who can supply a recording of Thomas’ Blanket. 

Release date TBA. Once compiled the songs will be released as free download on Send your songs in .flac or .wav format by May 30th to 

Thursday is casette day! This one’s a day late but nonetheless.

Today’s tape is a split featuring indie pop-rock act Ernie Coombs and the more psych-garage leaning Kurvi Tasch. This one comes by way of Moncton/Montreal label Port Vanderlay. 

Listen to this and other tapes here:

The hard working orchid tapes has a new compilation out, featuring better known artists in their catalouge and a few new discoveries. Get in the know: