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Usually when songwriters go through a hard rock phase it ends up being somewhat of a laughable self-parody (not naming any names, Ryan Adams), but Doug seems to handle it well enough. Judge for yo self here:

Blood Döner EP by Doug Hoyer

The Fraser Valley’s Joel Willoughby has a new record out, capturing the sunsets and seasonal turns of the lower mainland in song form. A few of the songs are well suited to coffee shops, others for dashboard cd decks, beach campfires, living rooms on a snowy evening, and so on.

Listen to dat dere here: Indian Summer Sky by Joel Willoughby

Tiny Mix Tapes’ Alan Ranta offers his perspective on worthwhile Halloween themed tunes. Listen to his impeccably compiled playlist here:

Personally I think Halloween is the most challenging holiday. Never mind the high price of candy, the maniacal fireworks crazed adolescents, or the difficulty finding an original costume- the actually hardest part is finding decent theme appropriate dance tracks.

Well it took me the better part of a week to track a few good ones down, and here they are! Mixed in with a few other crowd pleasers! Not exactly safe for work, but what is these days amiright? Download your free copy at the link below kiddos. 

Birds Of Canada Halloween Special 2014

Don’t Laugh - Josh Wink
Gangnam Busters - FAROFF
Baby’s On Fire - Die Antwoord
Somebodys Watching Me - Beat Freakz
Bedtime Story - Goldlink
Here We Go - Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes
Spooky Scary Skeletons (Living Tombstones Remix) - Andrew Gold
Femuscle - Siriusmo
Thriller (Wick It Remix) - Wick It 
Monster (Cazzette Remix) - Kanye West
Nightmare (Marc Alexander Remix) - Brainbug
Ima Read (Snakatak Remix) - Zebra Katz ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx
Lillith’s Club - Noisia
Descent Into Madness - Flying Lotus ft. Thundercat
Gas Pedal (Salva Remix) - Sage The Gemini ft. Iamsu!
Scream and Shout (Reidiculous Remix) - ft. Britney Spears
Internet Friends - Knife Party
Dracula’s Deuce - Ghouls  

Hey by the way, Vancouver’s album of the year is out now!

ON SUNSET by Nicholas Krgovich

Thursday is cassette day! This one’s a split from Calgary’s Hag Face and Vancity’s Shearing Pinx, available only at shows by either band. Listen here:

Isolated Now Waves 305: HAG FACE*SHPX by Hag Face

These days almost every artist has a Christmas record (heck, moka only releases a new one every year!) Far more of a rarity is the Halloween album. Only ones I can think of are Dracula’s Deuce by The Ghouls, Dead Mans Bones, Elvira Presents Haunted Hits, and The Original Monster Mash.

Here’s a new Halloween compilation to carve pumpkins and dress up like Rob Ford to, featuring a few Birds Of Canada friends:

Halloween Compilation No. 2: Gatherings by Snowbeast Records

Very cool new compilation from historically savvy label Light In The Attic, documenting First Nations pop/folk/rock from 1966-1985.


Here’s another charming track from Toronto’s Jenny Mayhem. This one is part jazzy pop, part Bond-esque cinematic harmonies.

Victoria’s Germany Germany has a new tape up for preorder, only 50 copies! This one is a full-band reimagining of select tracks from previous releases. Listen to 2 tracks and preorder here:

Germany Germany by Germany Germany